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Our Services

Capital Consolidated offers all the same services as a traditional brick and mortar lender, but minus all the frustrating long processes that you would likely go through with a bank.

Capital Consolidated is all about borrowing money fast.

We offer only three lending terms 6 months, 9 months or 1 year. Our rates are fixed and no there are no hidden fees or up-front charges. By keeping our services online, we are passing cost reductions to you, enabling you to access a quick loan for a more competitive rate than lending shop fronts. 


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Who we are


At Capital Consolidated we are continually striving to become the responsible lending service of choice in Australia. We pride ourselves on offering a transparent customer experience from application to loan draw down, with clear and easy to understand terms, straightforward repayment options and above all a seamless online experience.

Our web-based lending facility enables you to apply for a quick loan from the comfort of your own home, with a decision on your application processed efficiently. 

The team behind Capital Consolidated are passionate about providing a competitive lending service that offers a simple solution to short-term cash flow blockades. We understand that life is unpredictable and unexpected situations can bring with them unforeseeable expenses.

We want to make lending accessible to customers that might struggle otherwise to secure credit.

To achieve this, we determine an applicant’s loan eligibility based on current ability to meet repayments and not on past credit history. 

Business customers can also avail of our loan options, with accessibility to fair priced interest rates and no penalty clause for early payback. These tailored suites of corporate loans enable a business to continue as usual in times of cash flow difficulties. 

Capital Consolidated is on hand to bring affordable lending to all types of a customer while ensuring responsible and ethical practices are always maintained.


How to apply



Fill out our straightforward application form.


Document certification

We will request a couple of documents from you such as recent pay slips and identification.


Keeping it relevant

We like to keep it simple and only request documentation that is pertinent and demonstrates your ability to meet repayments.


In the now

If you have an unfavorable credit score history, you can still potentially be eligible for a loan. Capital Consolidated is only concerned with your current financial capacity to meet repayments and not past credit difficulties.



To be eligible to apply for a Capital Consolidate loan you need to –

Be at least 18 years of age
Be an Australian Citizen or Resident
Demonstrate proof of regular income


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